Columbia Water Company, Your Supplier for Over 200 Years

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Service to More than 12,000 Customers in Lancaster and York Counties

Our Columbia and Marietta Divisions are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in the areas of rate setting, billing procedures, dispute resolution, terminations, and service expectations.

We are also regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in the areas of water quality, treatment requirements, and technical standards. Columbia Water Company consistently meets or exceeds all water quality and permit requirements.

We deliver water to customers through a distribution system that consists of approximately 160 miles of water mains, nine finished water storage tanks, six pumping stations, four wells, and 11 pressure zones.

Customers in the Columbia Division are supplied water that’s drawn from the Susquehanna River and then filtered and disinfected prior to distribution. Customers in the Marietta Division are supplied water from several deep wells that is disinfected prior to distribution.